I took a day trip from Athens to Delphi.  The morning buses leave at 7.30 and 10.30, and of course the metro station is a fair walk from the bus station.  I tried to be early, allowing 1hr for the trip, but ended up arriving at 7.35.  There was noone at the Delphi ticket window but the man in the next one told me to run to the last platform.  I did, and it turned out the bus had come back to collect 3 other passengers.  The attendant told me to buy my ticket on the bus.  Whatever!  I boarded and it wasn’t until 3/4 of the way through that a conductor appeared.  This meant I only paid from where he boarded to Delphi – €4.20 instead of €15.10.  Success!

Delphi is beautiful.

The gymnasium

It’s all up a hill, surrounded by pine trees.  There were a few other tour groups there, mainly from cruise ships, but it wasn’t too crowded.  Anyway the atmosphere was so lovely I didn’t really notice.

The stone of the Sybil!


Temple of Apollo




Stadium. I did want to have a run down it, but that is VERBOTEN!


Most complete building left

From this side of the road there’s a 200m walk to the rest of the complex.  I decided to have a sit on a 2000-year-old block and have a nibble while looking at the pine trees.

My lunch view


The temple of Athena


Looking back up to the sacred area


The area of the ancient city. The terraces are still clearly visible.

It was all so lovely.  I didn’t go to the museum, having had enough of statues.  I retruned to the modern town (10min walk) and had a pastry.  The shops are all touristy and it’s hard to find cheap food.

The return buses run at 1.30, 4pm and 6pm.  I caught the 1.30 to give me some time to exercise when I returned to Athens.  I gave the man at the bus staion a €50 note and he dropped it, like it was diseased.  Why do people around here not like giving change???

The bus takes 3 hours, and we had one stop on the way.  I was back at my homestay by 5pm, giving me a good amount of time to run around the park.  At least people here don’t think exercise is unusual!

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