Athens to Rome

I set out early to catch the Metro to the airport.  Greece’s metro has been a target for austerity reductions so some lines have delays because there aren’t enough people to run it properly.  The airport train only runs about every 30min, jusging by how long I had to wait.

I had some postcards left but couldn’t find a postbox!  When I asked someone if there was one nearby I was told, flatly, ‘No.’  Oh.  An expensive mistake.

Check-in was very simple for me because I have everything ready to go, unlike some people in the next queue who were trying to sneak on 3 carry-on bags each, had no papers, documents or ID, and generally appeared like they had no taken any kind of public transport in their lives.  They are not uncommon.  Where do they all come from?

Security was ultra-strict and they made me take out my hand sanitiser (100ml compliant bottle) and put it in a plastic bag.  It then went back in to my carry-on bag where it had been before.  How does this make the plane less likely to be bombed?  They also made me drink my carton of chocolate milk in case it was a bomb.  Meanwhile the tan square was left undisturbed.  Home baking cannot be used to disguise a terror threat?

I flew Easyjet and it left on time.  No complaints except they don’t give you any free food.

I’d arranged an airport shuttle from the campground I would stay at.  It only runs every 2hrs so I had a 1 1/2 hr wait, which I spent cutting superfluous pages out of my travel guide.

I arrived at Country Club Castelfusano about 1.30.  It’s to the south of Rome, set in a park full of eucalypts.  The bush looked very Australian.  Because it was the shoulder season I had a 4 bed dorm to myself.  They have a lot of facilities there but most were closed at the end of August.  I took the free shuttle to the beach.  99% of the beach is divided up by clubs and only a small section is free.  I decided to go looking around the local town instead.  There were no shops for several km.  When I finally saw a bakery I bought the first nibble I saw.

It was soaked in some kind of syrup - rosewater?

Eventually I came in to the section of town where people actually do more than wear sunglasses on the beach, and bought some pizza.  The base was very yeasty, and the cheese was much better than NZ.  I walked on to the supermarket.


All the pasta looked amazing.  Unfortunately the campground had no shared cooking facilities so I couldn’t buy any.  They also had what would be gourmet meats in NZ – large sections of cheese, parma ham, and fancy breads.  The milk section was disappointing.  Apparently Italians don’t drink flavoured milk.  However they do eat a lot of chocolate.  Nutella was on sale in 1kg jars, and block chocolate was comparatively cheap.

I bought a big salad for €1to satisfy my craving for vegetables.

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