Athens Day 4 – The Acropolis

I had heard that tour groups don’t go to the Acropolis on Mondays.  It’s a lie.  Arrive early to avoid the heat and crowds – I was there by 8 and it wasn’t too bad.  Entry to all the sites in the area is €12.  I started from the south side.


Entry temple

Finally, I had reached the Parthenon!

Which was being renovated. So much for taking one of those famous photos.

Not so bad from this angle

View down to the theatre of Dionysos



From here I went down to the ancient agora.

South store next to the Panathenic Way

Byzantine church - 1000AD

The stola restored with Rockerfeller money

The stola and gymnasium restored with EU money

Temple of Hephaestus and municipal building

View back from the temple

Roman house. Prison in background

There was much more around – the whole area is covered in ruins of foundations, roads, and drains.  From here I went to Hadrian’s library.

Ruins of church in foreground

From here I wandered past more sites.

The Roman agora

Temple of Winds - an observatory

Some other ruins I passed on the way

Then it was back in to modern Athens.

Riot squads on standby near Syntagma Square

I bought some sort of delicious and fattening cheese and spinach pastry for lunch, then headed to the temple of Zeus.

Roman baths

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