Athens Day 3

I was up early to go to the flea market in Monastiraki.  On the way there I went up Filapappos Hill, near the Acropolis.

The Acropolis

A bit to the left

The walk to the top is not difficult and the view is good.  From here I went to the flea market.  There were a lot of stalls selling coins and stamps, books, and other random junk.  I bought a book for €1.

Greece is actually quite hot.  I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed this.  I hid in the air conditioning in a shop for a while, then went to the War Museum.  Entry is €2, and that’s about how much it should be, because it’s crap.

They have some aircraft outside - they are worth a look because all the avionics are still intact

Inside there is little information – you get a free DVD in Greek, and that’s it.  They have few interpretation panels in Greek, let alone English, so you have to know about the events to make any sense of the displays.  And even then what they have isn’t all that interesting.


Old guns

French sniper rifle

Modern weapons

Improvised resistance weapon from WW2

Ancient weapons

They had a reasonable section about ancient warfare, especially Alexander the Great’s famous battles.

The top thing is a 'flame projector' for naval use. The others are siege engines

After that was a long section of portraits of men with moustaches.  Finally it went back to something interesting.

WW2 equipment

German paratrooper's equipment from the drop on Crete

You have to go down to the toilets to see it all, as there is another gallery hidden near there.

African crocodile skin shield

Outside were some artillery pieces.



German mobile turrets from WW1

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