Athens Day 2

Athens has a strong communist movement, judging by all the propaganda.

Posters like this are everywhere

I went to the Archaeological Museum.  Entry is €7.  For that you get a crapload of statues.

Starting 800BC

The only archaic sculpture I could find with any clothes on

Youths holding a fight between a cat and a dog. Timeless.

Zeus or Poseidon doing some smiting

Of course they have friezes too

A warrior's grave stela. Spiffy.

There was one statue that looked like a woman that had to answer the phone when she was in the bath, but this is a familyblog, so I have no picture.

A bit more action here - most were just people standing around having a chat

Oooh! Unfortunately I have not seen any replicas of this. I'm sure it would be a popular souvenir.

I was going to make a joke about Aphrodite trying to swat Pan away with her sandal . . but that's actually what this is.

Then we move in to the Neolithic collection

The Thinker

Great! MORE pot shards. Like I haven't seen a billion of these before.

Their collection is quite comprehensive – they also have tools and jewellery as well.  Next is the Mycenean collection

Boar's tusk helmet

Not a teapot. But I think it would make a nice one.


Then there is the Cycladic collection.

Lines and surfaces

There is also a swagload of metalwork – bronze, copper, silver.

Bronze griffins

Gold wreath

The museum also has a good Egyptian collection, and unlike the Egyptian museum you can take photos.

Mummy of some random civil servant

They do have some galleries of glassware, but photography is not allowed.  Next was the pottery collection.

Know the feeling?

There were a lot of these animals on wheels, but they aren't toys.

Vases, of course. They had a ZILLION.

Athena in her glad rags

In total the museum takes about 4 hours to go around.


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