Mytilene has a nice coastal road, so I could go for a run in the morning.  I found what looked to be a campsite, but it had no ablution block.

Being in Europe, I had a croissant for breakfast.  They put chocolate spread in them!  Calorie overload!  After that I went wandering around the streets.  It’s impossibly pretty, and exactly what the travel brochures make the Greek islands out to be.

Narrow, cobbled streets, although with scooters blasting down the ones that aren't closed off.

After that I went to the castle.

The site has been occupied for a few thousand years, but this wall is Byzantine.


Inside the walls

Having been occupied by Greeks, Romans, Christian Romans and Ottomans there are many different religious things inside.

The Muslim monastery thing

Ruins of St John's Church

The keep. Note recycled carvings

Ottoman arsenal

View from the battlements

I went to a supermarket to discover how people here eat without taking out a mortgage.  They have pre-jammed croissants for 50c.  Acceptable.  After that I read in a park for several hours while waiting for my ferry to Athens.

Oooh pretty - the village of Mytilene

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