Istanbul Day 2

EUROPE IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!  Any donations would be gratefully received – send them to my poste restante in London – behind the hot water pipes, 3rd washroom along, Victoria Statıon.

I started by going to the Spice Market.

Lots of stalls like this

Some places were selling lanterns.  At first glance I thought they would look nice on the Christmas tree but up close they looked a bit tacky.  Instead I went through all the turkish delight stalls tasting free samples.  It’s much nicer here – sweetened with honey rather than sugar.  I wanted to try a biscuit but everything is so expensive here I thought I couldn’t afford it – but one man gave me one for nothing.  Makes a nice change from all the Asian swindling.

The wet market was mostly cheese - but one place had tripe!

The rest of the market had more conventional things – clothes, cellphones, kitchen supplies, charcoal barbequeues.  I headed towards the Grand Bazaar but it was shut.  The Hagia Sophia had a long queue so I went to the Archaeology Museum (TL10).  It’s BIG.  One building was just for Sumerians, Assyrians and Hittites.

Assyrian pottery

Cuneiform tablets, includıng Hummurabi's laws.


I rather liked this Hittite lion

The next building had a lotof Hellenistic sculpture.


Carmen Miranda

Artemis, posing how I think I look when I am teaching.

As a reference, this is what I actually look like when teaching:
Unless it’s Loud Blouse Day, in which case I look like this:
 Back to the museum.  They had a large section about Troy from Neolithic times onward, but it was quite dry- just a load of old pots on dısplay.  There were also sections about Palestine, Syria and more recent Turkey.

Byzantine peacocks

Thracian gravestones

There was more about the Romans but photos weren’t allowed.  Next was a large sectıon of sarcophagi.

The Alexander Sarcophagus (that didn't have Alexander in it)

After this I had a fırst-class pide kebab for TL2 then went up to Topkapi Palace (TL20).  The entry queue moved very slowly – I don’t know why, because they were only selling tickets.

Ooh I'm in Europe

Inside they have a lot of sections you can’t photograph – lıke the medal collection, the 86 carat dıamond, the Faberge thing, the 2m long Hungarian swords – all the good stuff.  So here are the dregs:

Emperor's private chambers

Inside the circumcision room. Look at the walls!

Istanbul - Europe on the left, Asia on the right

Inside the imperial chamber


The courtyard

From here I went back to the hostel to find that my ‘female only’ dorm had a man in it.  They are unclear on the concept, obviously.  I went for a run.  Families were all on the grassed areas on the waterfront, making dinner on small charcoal barbequeues.  What a pleasant way to spend an evening.

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