From Istanbul to Canukkale

I had some borek for breakfast – thick pastry layered wıth meat, white cheese and potato.  So good.

To reach Canukkale I took the tram then the Metro to the main bus station.  This is just the offices of about 100 bus companies, with no central directory.  I’d looked up my bus on Turkey Travel Planner.  I don’t know how you’d figure it out otherwise.

The station has a lot of facilities – shops, food, internet, even clothes stores.  My bus (Kamil Koc) was scheduled for 9.30 and left at 9.50.  Insıde it was super-luxurious – the seats were like on a plane, complete wıth entertainment systems.  However all the films were in Turkish, except 3 episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos.  The bus had a steward who brought drinks and a good amount of snacks – but take enough at the start because he only does one run.  The bus stopped for lunch and at a few other places to drop people off.

We arrıved about 3.15 after taking a ferry from Eceabat.  I checked in to the Yellow Rose Pension then wandered around Canukkale.

Trojan horse

They are rather proud of the 1915-16 campaign

The waterfront

The Dardanelles

The Turks, like the Egyptians and Indians, appear not to use conditioner, as I couldn’t find any at the supermarket.

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