Cairo Day 3

The hostel breakfast was bread, an egg, cream cheese and jam.  Almost enough to sustain me.

I took the Metro to the Coptic district.

Nice to be among Christians again

The Coptic Museum charges LE50.  It’s ok – some carvings, textiles, texts, and religious implements.

Roman Fortress of Babylon


Church of St George

I didn’t find the area that interesting – perhaps I missed a section.  It didn’t seem that old.  There was even a man selling non-antiques.

To ensure he didn't fall foul of the antiquity protection laws?

I walked on, having seen some points of interest on my extremely poor tourist map.




I also passed a long wall, which turned out to be a Roman aqueduct.  It’s in better condition than a lot of Egyptian buildings.  On the way a child decided I was fair game for having unripe dates thrown at me.

I reached the Citadel but needed several iceblocks to prevent death.  Entry is LE50.  It’s not worth it.  It was full of boys and a lot was closed without explanation.

Mohammed Ali's mosque. No, not THAT one.



The police museum was all closed, and the military museum had a huge crowd at the entrance.

Not one but TWO fingers in the trigger guard would seem to contradict your claim, matey.

You have to pay LE1 to bring your camera in, and it’s still a rip.  The museum also has large areas closed off, and what is open is dull and boring.

What are portatroops?


From the open display, where a guard kept moving me on. In case I stole some secrets of their MiG-17?


Outside Saladin's citadel

I caught a taxi back to my hostel.  One driver quoted LE30, the next LE20.  I made him use the meter, which came to LE15, despite him driving the wrong way for several km.

That night I went to Gad for dinner.  The food is good and cheap.  I had a spaghetti bolognese and green salad for LE14.

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