Back to Delhi

We left at 9am, several people feeling ill from dinner the night before.  I was fine,not having had dinner, and could have a huge plate of scrambled egg.

The bus went straight back to Delhi, stopping only at a terrible place for lunch.  The service was geologically slow.  My chocolate milkshake was watered down, and one woman had a grilled cheese sandwich sans cheese.

95% of the scenery

On the outskirts of Delhi we passed the call-centre region

It’s ridiculously flash compared to the rest of Delhi and most of India.  Our guide said if we came back to India we could throw a stone through a window.

We reached the hotel about 4.30.  I did some exercise in a bit of a park (it had a bench) before dinner.  We went out to a reasonable local place.

Paneer kulcha, shahi paneer, and a mango ding!

Some of the others went to a nightclub, but I relaxed in the room having found the BBC Entertainment channel, so I could watch Sherlock!

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