Agra to Abhaneri

After I had managed to use all the toilet apaper we left for Fatepur Sikri.

Another sandstone palace, 16th century


The council chamber. The maharajah tood on the walkways and everyone else sat below.


They wanted us to jump in?!

Parcheesi. They played it with concubines for pieces


Detail of the engraving under one of the queens' verandahs

The apostrophe is in the right place – there were3 queens – a Christian, a Hindu, and a Muslim.

The whole area


The king's bed - about 3m square


Fresco outside the Christian queen's palace


Hindu queen's palace

At this point our guide noted the people on ‘hidden dates’ – Indian people go to random unromantic places where none of their relatives will see them when courting.  After looking around this part we went to the mosque, which is separate from the palaces.

The mosque

I did not go inside, instead spending my time enjoying the conveniences for, then sitting on a step watching a goat eat a cardboard box, trying not to die.

From here we drove to Abhaneri, in the middle of nowhere.  There’s a nice hotel with an open courtyard.  The others had a puppet and music show until 11pm – apparently the musicians were very keen to impress the Caucasian women.  They even knew an ‘English’ song – Frere Jaques.

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