Seoul to Delhi

My flight was late, so I went to the South Korean National Museum.

It starts in the Neolithic era. This is a mask.

The prehistoric section is quite good.  It then follows a chronological line to the 19th century, although I thought the later sections weren’t so good.

Stone daggers

Gilded shoes


Cool helmet


The Koreans liked to put birds in graves. Here are some duck offerings.



I think the tea cosy would get caught

Mother, why does your pottery keep showing up everywhere???

There is also a section on other Asian cultures

Hindu masks

Samurai armour

After this I went to the I-Park Market for some noise-cancelling earphones.  Success!  It’s a great place to go if you want electronics.  I caught the train to the airport, and had a quick trip through immigration.

Bulgogi - marinated beef. One of the unidentified vegetables is actually bracken fern.

I flew Asiana again.   The flight was half empty so we all had 2 seats each.  The food was slightly better than last time but the fried chicken was dry.


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