From Beijing to Seoul

I got up very early to catch the train to the airport.  It’s Y24 and the first departure is 0600, reaching Terminal 3 about 0630.  Beijing airport has a lot of facilities around the check-in area, but the gates are a tram ride away, with only a few eating places and a swag-load of duty free shops.  You go through immigration at the gate end of the tram – first passport stamping, then some kind of ‘security’ check on your passport, then x-ray screening.  There is free internet at the gate if you scan your passport in one of the machines.

I actually quite liked the vista - there aren't any buildings on the range.

Departure from Beijing was delayed by TWO HOURS due to their air traffic control being crap.  Apparently this is normal.  I flew Asiana, and they gave us ‘breakfast’ at 11am – rice ‘porridge’, a bun, a pickled egg, and yoghurt.  The porridge is one of the worst things I have ever eaten.

The flight to Seoul was only 1 1/2 hrs and once again I went straight through customs.  The train to town takes about an hour.

I had checked in to BiBim House, which was a bit hard to find given the Korean addressing systems – they display a normal street address, but places also have a block and suburb identifier.  There’s no sign on the door.  However the owner was the most hospitable person I have met – he gives guests a bag of sweets on arrival, then he took me to the post office and translated everything when I had to send a parcel, then showed me a good place for dinner!  I had

Some kind of beef with rice. And a fried egg on top.

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