Beijing Day 8

It was raining – a steady drizzle, not quite enough for a raincoat, but too much to go without, and enough to make wearing glasses annoying.  I headed out to the Summer Palace.  Despite the rain it was packed.

The palace!

One of the gates

The Long Corridor. It is very long. That's not haze in the distance - it's people.

The famous pagoda. I did not go in, saving Y30.

Cixi's stone boat - she spent money on the garden rather than modernising the navy.

Another pagoda.

The shopping street, which I did not enter, saving another Y30.


I returned to my hostel, did not go to the zoo, and did not get more rained on.

The hutong where my hostel was.

I can recommend the Leo Hostel – Y60 per night for a reasonable 6 bed dorm, no bed bugs, air conditioning, hot water, and close to one of the few internet places in Beijing.

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