Beijing Day 7

Sunday – market day.  I went to the Panjiayuan Market.  It’s now open every day, so there’s no need to get up early to avoid the crowds.  Even at 10am it was still easy to navigate.  There are books, jade, brass, jewellery, paintings, calligraphy, and ‘cultural revolution’ items – mostly posters, armbands and clothes.

I’ve been to a few markets now, and was disappointed by the lack of bargains – they charge quite high prices here, even after haggling.

From there I had a look at Beijing Curio City, but it’s extremely overpriced and not worth a visit.  I headed to the Silk Market.  On the way I saw the CCTV building with its famous cantilever.

There was a large barrier around the base. Is it suffering from a slight case of falling down?

The Silk Market was packed with people, counterfeit handbags, electronics, clothes, jewellery, shoes and watches.  The saleswomen are VERY aggressive and will physically pull you in, so don’t even look at anything unless you intend to buy.  Haggle to 10% of the initial price.  They do have fabric by the metre and tailors if you want something made up.

Beijing from outside the Silk Market


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