Beijing Day 3

I left late to avoid the rush.  Ha!  Still only room for whippets.  I continued looking around Tiananmen.

The Great Hall of the People (government)


Monument to the People's Heroes


Mao's mausoleum, and a not-so-secret policeman


Some Chinese realist 'art'


Mao's queue

I went looking for the Sightseeing Bus Centre, as listed in Lonely Planet.  It’s completely changed – look for the Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch at the southern side of Qianmen.

I wandered about the hutongs around Dashilaner.

Super touristy!

Qianmen Gate in the background

One of China's quintessential establishments - Starbucks!

From here I went to Wangfujing. It’s just Westernised shops.  Oriental Plaza is the best place, in my opinion – they have a good food selection and several good outdoor clothing shops.  Up the road there are some old ruins (probably reconstructed)

Wall remains. Note the air-raid shelter sign.


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