Hue to Saigon

Vietnam Airlines has a shuttle to the airport for D45 000.  Hue’s airport is Phu Bai, made for the Vietnam War.  The only relic is a disused second runway.  Other than that it is very like Invercargill airport.

My flight was a bit bumpy, but acceptable, and I caught the bus to central Saigon (D4000 for me and D4000 for my bag).  Take the 152 – it will drop you next to the central market in 45-60min.

I checked in to a dorm room at Nga Hoang ($7).  From there I went wandering.

Notre Dame cathedral! No need to go to France now.

Too many words! And they love anniversaries.

Outside some museum. Note new markings on the M113. I never saw any US equipment captured before 1975.

They also had the usual crashed aircraft wreckage on display.  I went on to the History Museum.  It’s quite crap.  If you like a whole pile of old stuff then go.

It's the lack of context. Who made this? Why??

I bimbled back past the Workers’ Club.  It’s ridiculously comprehensive.  You can learn salsa dancing, play tennis or do some weightlifting.  That’s what I did.  You can get a day entry for D20 000 if you explain well enough that you don’t want to join the club.  The weights are all over the place, and they only have small bars, but it does the job.

When I finished I went to the park across the street.  It has some fitness equipment in it.  I instead had a sit-down, and some mother with her son (10 years old?) came over.  Obviously he had been told, “Go practice your English!” because he interrogated me for the next 15 minutes about where I came from, what my hobbies were, etc.

I returned to the Nga Hong hostel.  NEVER STAY THERE EVER!!!

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