Hue Day 2

 Vietnam may not have Meiji Swiss White Chocolate milk but it did have Vinamilk “100% Fresh” – which means 100% UHT, but made from milk rather than reconstituted milk powder.  It’s the next best milk I have found.  They also go in for bag milk a lot here – it’s in a rugged sachet that lasts well in a pack – why can’t we have that in NZ?

I spent a day wandering around the Hue central city.  There isn’t an old town – just the citadel.  Outside are some museums.  I went to the History Museum. Unlike a lot of places here you can climb all over everything.

Out the front there are the usual captured vehicles

All the electrics have gone but there’s still a lot left in these vehicles – the interior labels are clearly legible.

Inside some sort of recovery vehicle

The relics range from weapons and captured ID cards to ‘the radio used by Comrade X to listen to the news 1968-75’.   The museum itself has a terrible antiquities section, but the 1954-75 section is ok for free entry.  However they go overboard with the boas – including this terrible photo composite to make Diem appear next to the American imperialist Eisenhower:

Looks like one of those Hobbit trick shots

From here I went inside the citadel.

Entry is D55 000.  The main complex is large – about 1 ha – and ranges from ruins to restored buildings.  It was built progressively by the emperors but the main period was in the 19th century.

Bombed 1968 and hit by severe weather 1986. The Queen's palace

Fun with topiary


View from the top of the main gate


Damage from the 1968 Tet Offensive. But there wasn't much else to see.


One of the gates


The Queen's palace


How's that for a rockery?!


The flag tower


The Vietnam style of shop design


And the Vietnamese style of goods transport


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