Bangkok Day 2

To start I went to the park at Lumphini.  It’s a great exercise spot – running tracks are marked with distances, and they have a small fitness equipment area with a drinking fountain.  I did find some gyms but they don’t do day entry, so this is a good option.  Around the outside there are food stalls so I had some sugar toast and a boiled egg.

Not having much time I took a tuk-tuk to the National Museum.  I bargained hard, and then he dropped me 400m from the museum entry.  Hmm.  The museum itself has a good chronological section.  The other parts are just rooms full of random crap, except this:

Royal chariots!

After that I went sightseeing

Then I went up the Golden Mount

View from the top. Bangkok has no hills


Back streets


Items for burning to give to ancestors in the afterlife


Built for the King's 80th birthday. What a cake!

After that I went to the Chatuchak Market – it is as big as they say.

The map

It’s a good place to go if you like ‘designer’ t-shirts, or have a passing fancy for some furniture.  There’s a large pet section if you want a stupid dog or some sugar gliders or hedgehogs.  But I found


Clothes, badges, keyrings, t-shirts, bags, webbing, paracord, helmets, torches, goggles, fasteners – SO GOOD!!!!

I bought a badge for $4.






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