Bangkok – again!

I took the bus (no. 152) to the airport, baguette in hand for my breakfast.  It was D4000 for me and D4000 for my bag.  The flight was by Thai Airways, and they served a small meal of sliced cheese, meat, a bun, some kind of thing made with pomelo, and a custard, for a 1 hour flight.  Sufficient!  When we landed I was presented with an orchid corsage.  Er . . . ok?

The train in to town is ridiculously good value – about $2.  I went back to Huamphalong and took a room for 280B (I think Your Place Guesthouse is actually better value, since they charge 320 but include breakfast).  Then I went SHOPPING.  So many shopping centres!

Of course, the mall had a picture of the King, in a suitably informal pink blazer.

When going through one place there was a big crowd gathering, coming out of an exhibition room with bags and other freebies.  I investigated!  But it was only a show by some teen band.  The freebies were all inflatable ads for anti-acne scarring cream.  Don’t they have Roaccutane?  They also had one place giving away cartons.  Milk comes in cartons!  But these only had water in them.  Blech.

I want one of these. Not the shirt, but the car.

Dinner, and the rip-off carton of water

After dinner I went to see Captain America.  Having only been out for 2 days I had to pay the blockbuster price- $5.  Why are movies so expensive in NZ???  The set-up was like how movie theatres used to be before the 1990s – a BIG screen, at least 500 seats, and a sense of occasion.  Before the film started we had to stand up for the national anthem and watch some film of the King.  Wooooooooooo!  The film itself was only downhill from there – starring Agent Smith as The Baddie, it was ok for the first part, but then just got silly.  It was supposed to be in WW2 but one of the Americans uses a PRR headset on his radio.  That’s just lazy.

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