Hoi An to Hue

I had an unusual choice for breakfast

The dreaded Tam Hanh bus does not go to Hue – instead this leg was done by another company.  I was taken from the travel agent to an hotel at 7.45, and then the bus arrived at 8.15 (for 8am).  It did have air conditioning, but no legroom.  We stopped in some random place with horrendous toilets at 10.30.  The next section had several hills, but to divert power to the engine they turned off the air conditoning.

We arrive in Hue at 12.30.  The random woman I asked gave me the wrong directions, and the map in the Lonely Planet was missing a street.  I found an area with some hotels but then some Hongkinese woman sitting at a restaurant called out “Hey!  Want to share with me?”
Hmm.  She was good at bargaining and it’s no worse than going to a dorm.  I checked the prices at the hotels myself.  $12 or $15.  I went back with her and she’d been told $12 for the room I was told $15!  The Asian advantage!  Split between us made it $6/night for air conditioning, hot shower, a balcony and clean sheets at the Sen Hotel.

I wandered about the market.  I have been to a fair few markets now but the Dong Ba market in Hue is definitely worth a visit – go past the outer layers of tourist crap and inside they have a real market – tiny alleyways between stalls selling everything from conical hats

I bought a little one for the Christmas tree

 to bicycle parts to preserved fruit to pottery to elastic webbing!

Across from the market they have a bakery, with prices displayed so scamming is impossible.  I selected some unknown cake.  It turned out to be carrot cake, and was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.  It cost 36c.

I posted off some things, and went through the same routine with 10 rubber stamps, 3 declarations, and a customs declaration for the first time!  The parcel is sealed with official Vietnamese Post Office blue tape (presumably to avoid red tape jokes).

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