Hoi An Day 2

I am currently listening to a piece of music written by the King of Thailand, H.M. Blues .  Maybe I do have a thing for Thailand.  At least they don’t all try to scam you there so much!  ‘Tourist taxes’ are very high in Vietnam, and it’s not uncommon for people to try to charge you twice the local price.

I wandered about Hoi An looking at the historic sites. 

NOT one of them

To get in to the main historic places you need an old city ticket, which costs D90 000 and lets you in to 5 places.  I went first to the covered bridge.

Inside. There is a shrine on the side

 After that I went to the western side of the town.  The usual tourist crap shops are there, but also a place selling old propaganda posters!  But they know what they’re worth, and were charging US$120 for an A3 original, or $20 for a reprint, or $6 for an A4 reprint.  Nein!

After that I wandered back to one of the temples.


I don't know which one.

After that I went to the culture museum.  DON’T go there unless you are a great fan of pot shards. 

I bimbled off to the tailor to check the initial pieces.  Acceptable!  Then I went to the doctor for a prescription for icecream, but it evaporated before I could eat it.

Next stop was the Tan Ky house.  I don’t know why Lonely Planet raves about this.  You only see 3 rooms.  If you’ve been to Cheong Fatt Tze mansion then no need to go here.

The front of the houseThe back of the house. 7 generations have kept their scooters here.After that I had an entry left so I went to the handicraft workshop. Depressing! All people working silently making tourist tat.Embriodery