Nha Trang

The Vietnamese have Dutch Lady Milk.  I became addicted to this in Malaysia, partly because it had a picture on the carton of a Chinese boy who looks exactly like I do when I have milk – “Now I can take over the world!”  But here it just has a picture of a Dutch lady.  Boring!  But the Thais still win in milk stakes.  Not only can you buy fresh milk, but they also have 350ml cartons.  It’s a good size.  250ml like in NZ is too small, and 600ml bottles are too large (and they have wide mouths that are too big).  But here the cartons are 180ml – about 2 sips!

Nha Trang, like all places in Vietnam, starts very early (unlike the Malaysians who don’t seem to get oput of bed until 10.30), so I was woken at about 5.30.

View from my balcony

I went for a run at 7am and the beach was quite busy.

It is a nice beach

Then it was off exploring.  Firstly in the hotel

Damn those keys.

The linguistic adventures continued outside

Then it was off around the city.  Here they have dairies

Just milk, milk powder and icecream

This is a Catholic cathedral made from cinderblock

Buddhist temple. Not pictured: a hundred souvenir sellers. Not quite money-lenders, but close!

Above this temple is a large statue of Buddha

The hilltop has some good views of the city

Then I walked through the semi-industrial part of town to the Cham temples, first built about the 9th century.

Inside. The walls are blackened with incense soot

I walked back and nearly vapourised.  Work stops for lunch in Vietnam – and fair enough because it is far too hot.  I saw a lot of groups of men sitting around low tables playing cards outside their workplaces.

And I saw a lot of this

Next I went past some Vietnamese realist sculpture

1975 monument

Lonely Planet recommended a photo gallery.  If you like black and white photos of old people and children then go.

It did inspire me to take a shot of the shabbiness

After this I had to take refuge at the beach front to eat an icecream.  Although they have many hawkers on the beach none sell iceblocks so I had to sprint from the dairy so I could eat my icecream on the actual beach.

Given my previous bus experiences I splashed out to go on the sleeper bus to Hoi An.  It was $12 and I had to go to at least 5 travel agents to find one that had room for that evening.  The van picked me up at 6.45 (for 6.15) and took us all to the bus station.  He we had quite a long wait while other passengers arrived.  Two British girls had an argument with the conductor, saying that they had made a booking for seats 16 and 17.  However he wanted to put them at the back.  This led to 10min of arguing.  They tried sitting in the seats when he went away.  When he came back he picked up their bags and took them to the back.
Well being Vietnam the concepts of rights are a bit different so they ended up sitting at the back, with much touching of their things.  I didn’t mind since the air conditioning was suitably Antarctic.

Sleeper bus sitting arrangement


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