Mui Ne to Nha Trang

Mui Ne has a nice waterfront footpath that you can run down for several km and not be run over.

A lot of the signs were in Russian, and some in German.  Could DDR citizens holiday here?  Possibly!

The bus arrived at 1.30 and was the same one with the clapped out air conditioning.  We had a stop not long after leaving for ‘lunch’ – but they did spend a bit of time under the bonnet of the bus.

Where we stopped. The Vietnamese do make some nice biscuits.

From here it was an wful 5 hour trip.  We stopped in some place called the Nha Trang Quay but it was actually 2 hours from Nha Trang.  You know you’re n the real place because 5 billion people try to sell you hotels or taxi rides.  It’s very touristy and the main strip is full of dive tour shops and restaurants.

Some people have essentials they look for in an hotel – car parking, badger cleaning, etc.  Mine is hot water.  The hotel I stayed at (24 Hour Hotel) was $8/night and had no fan or air con but water hot enough to peel the skin off your back.  Acceptable!

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