From Saigon to Mui Ne

I booked a bus out of Saigon to Hue, stopping at Mui Ne, Nha Trang and Hoi An, at TNK Travel, for $27.  It was subcontracted to Tam Hanh Travel.  The bus had clapped out air conditioning at it took 6 hours to get to Mui Ne.

The co-driver. He had the right idea!

In Mui Ne the beach is mostly closed off behind resort fences.  In the cheap section near the Circle K you can get to the beach if you want to, but it’s a surf beach with only a narrow strip of sand and some rocks.

When I arrived I had about ten billion scooter drivers trying to take me places.  They said the rooms were $8 or $10, but when I reached my hotel the room was only $7!  They quote in USD – easier than hundreds of thousands of VND.

For my $7 I had a cold shower, towel, reasonable mattress and SATELLITE TELEVISION.  I watched the BBC, mostly their report of the phone hacking inquiry.

That evening I went out for some sort of noodle – I think it cost $2.

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