From Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City

After an unexpected extra 5 hours at Bangkok Airport I made it to Saigon.

Picture at the airport of the monarchs/royals that attended the 60th anniversary of King Rama IX's coronation.

Handy phone charger terminal

On that note – the trains only start at 6am, no matter what any guidebook says!  And Air Asia is very efficient.

Saigon. I thought it looked like flotsam left by a huge wave.

My homestay hostess picked me up at the airport and we went back to her house, not far away.  She took me out for dinner at a local restaurant (the term is a bit different in South East Asia – almost everyone eats out for every meal, so the eating places are mostly very cheap).  There are so many scooters here that every place has a valet to park them.  In Vietnam you get a large moist towelette in lieu of a napkin.  I had some pho bo (beef and noodles) and some kind of fungus soup, which apparently has a lot of protein. From there we went on to the Country Houses cafe – a huge open space divided in to smaller areas.  The drinks list was 80% non-alcoholic, including 20 different chocolate drinks.  I had a milk chocolate, which turned out to be chocolate syrup on ice.  They also serve hot condensed milk here.  My homestay mother convinced me to have some icecream.

After that I wobbled my way on to her scooter back home.

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