The trip from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok

The train wasn’t until 4.30 so I started by going to the Cultural Centre.  It was open!  And CRAP.  Dioramas, some brief interpretation panels, and nothing much interesting.  There was one difference from the Malaysian museums – an exhibits all about the King’s visits to Chiang Mai.

After that I went to the gym for a 1 1/2 hr smash to make up for sitting on the train.  Feeling very pious I had a huge salad for lunch – 450g!  It’s the most fresh vegtables I have had since I left NZ.  Wonderful.  I avoided eating this

On the way back I saw this

Someone had tapped the power and put a plug on the tree???

and this

Why not fish from the top of the wall?

and then THIS

Redshirt protesters! There were a lot of them in a convoy, with a ute with a man on the back making a speech

After all this excitement I went to the post office.  Much easier than Malaysia!  And they have places selling food and soap inside the post office if the urge strikes.

Then it was off to the train station

The sleeper train was not as good as the one up to Bangkok – the food was just as good but I kept being woken up by the train braking, and the light was very bright.  I arrived at Bangkok at 7am.

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