Chiang Mai Day 2

I had figured this would be a wandering around day.  I went to the cultural centre but it was SHUT!  After that I passed several temples but they are quite similar.

This was one that wasn't done up with gold accents

What surprised me was that the temples allowed souvenir sellers inside the grounds!  I continued wandering to the northern edge of the old city and found my first big picture of the King.

I had seen one on an arch when I first entered the city but I wasn’t expecting huge things like these.  They are everywhere and this is only a little one.  In this picture he’s contemplating a map, although the map is cropped out.

Next to this is the Central shopping centre.  It has a mix of Western shops and more traditional Thai hawkers.  I bought a replacement Nalgene bottle at their rather good sports shop, then a Blizzard at Dairy Queen (75c!  How could I not???)  But the best thing is that this place has a gym!  With weights!  And entry was only $2!!  So I did a workout.  They have a picture of the King in the stretching room.

I continued to the supermarket, mainly because they had a large selection of baked goods on display, and then I found that they had dried fruit with sampling.  Their dairy section was as good as any in NZ.

Why don't we have milk bottles like this in NZ?

What hacked me off was that milk was about $1.75/litre.  That may sound a bit expensive, but we’re in the world’s largest dairy exporter, and they’re in . . . Thailand!  But they don’t have cheese.  At all (unless you count processed).

After this I set forth to the night market.  On the way I passed this:

I thought it was a good omen, so I went in.  The books were mostly in Thai but they did have English phrasebooks.  I bought one for $3 – better than Lonely Planet’s one for $13.

At the night market I had dinner

Pork and thing, with thing sauce

Quite good for a dollar.

The Saturday market is called the ‘walking street’.

They have a lot of places selling American-style printed t-shirts, but there is one little place off to the side that sells vintage stuff picked out of the clothing bales, including old sneakers.  The best thing I saw was a Netscape t-shirt.  The other places sell traditional handicrafts, soap, fruit, lanterns, other clothes, prints, and ‘monster’ style soft toys (like you would find at  However one man was making a million by selling Thai soft toys.  After all I have not travelled all this way to buy American crap.

Isn't he a sweetie?

So now this protection deity is guarding my bag.  The other seller of note was this one

I didn't sample


2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Day 2

  1. Hello. We are desperately looking for a Nalgene waterbottle (that fits our water purifier). Could you please tell me which shop you bought a Nalgene bottle and where I can find it. That would help us a lot. Thanks!

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