Chiang Mai Day 5 – Cooking School

While in Chiang mai I had to do a cooking class, so based on tripadvisor I enrolled for a full day course at A Lot of Thai.  I was picked up at 9.30 by a Kombi van – I knew this would be interesting.

The cooking school is outside of a suburban house, under some corrugated perspex.  We started with pad thai

Before - all the ingredients were presented like this - we just did the easy chopping


The instructor, Yui, was very good at showing us the whole dish first, then guiding us through while we made the dish.

From here we went to the market, where Yui showed us all the different things available.  I have been to a lot of markets now, but still learned some things.

Then it was back to the stove

Prawn, lemongrass and tomato soup

Green curry - made mild to my taste. The vegetable is a small eggplant

Chicken and cashews SO GOOD!

Making spring rolls

After this Yui gave us some durian and mangosteen to try.  I’ll definitely have more mangosteen – but I’m fine not having any more durian ever again.

On the way back to the hostel I saw this

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