Penang Day 1

Having set the air conditioning to a delightfully cool 24 degrees I awoke not covered in sweat and went for a run (mainly for the Queen- I was quite unavailable).  There’s a reasonable footpath with only a few bits of jungle breaking through.  I did some exercises in the park next to Fort Cornwallis.  It’s full of birds so it doesn’t smell that nice and although at 8am it had people doing tai chi at 9am it had a few randoms sitting on the swings.

My first mission was down Carnavon St to find the kitchen shops mentioned by Ray McVinnie.  I found them!  They’re by Lebuh Kimberley and are full of all sorts of things – pots, gas stoves, servingware, crockery, sauce bottles, bamboo steaming vessels, tiffins – everything!

Near there is a large shopping centre (2x St Lukes).  The bottom floor is almost entirely cell phones.  After much haggling and quote comparison I bought some Sony with 2 megapixels, 3 gigs and 4 Gs.  My main concern was that it had buttons on the front and wasn’t a faff to use.

The other floors have a supermarket (chocolate milk!), clothes shops, food vendors, soft toy shops (the ones that Asians put in their cars) and pirated software and DVD sellers.  But on the 4th floor there is a sweet shop that has samples.  I spent about 20 min there.

There is also

For lunch I had claypot chicken and rice

The bacon-resemblant meat was not nice, but the rest was good

On my way back I passed

Tell it like it is!

I went to Gurney Plaza, mainly to find a shop I had seen 5 years ago and not taken a photo

On the way back I passed more cool old buildings

The archetypal black and white bungalows

Some bar

Mansion - one of many

Chinese art deco

Branch school - geddit?



Jelan Penang

Campbell St - Not all Penang is 19th century. This is all 1950s.


And back to the hostel.


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