Langkawi to Penang

I awoke to this

Time to get off the island!  I decided to take the ferry directly back to Penang (RM60).  There are only 2 sailings per day, one at 2.30pm and one at 5.15.  I took the 2.30.  You have to pass through a security/customs checkpoint at the terminal, then sit in the waiting area with TWO HUNDRED BABIES.

The ferry crossing was quite rough.  The film was Death Race 2, complete with violence and swearing (to keep the babies quiet?) but they stopped it after about 45min because the waves were jostling the DVD player too much.

The trip took 3 hours.  Penang was sunny, reasonably cool, and level.

From here I wandered down to Jim’s Guest House (having met Jim on the ferry), passing through the UNESCO Heritage Site.  The last time I visited it was just a cool old town, rather than being an officially cool old town.

Nothing like a monument to Queen Victoria to get started

I love art deco. Lines and surfaces!


Lebuh Pantai


Chulia St

Outside the Goddess of Mercy temple. They had a very loud Chinese opera going on.

Jesus is where I left him 5 years ago in Indiatown.




While some of the buildings have been restored, a lot remain delightfully original

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