Langkawi Day 2

It rained again, so I took another day’s scooter rental.  First stop was the Mardi Agro-Technology Park (RM15).  This is one of the best places I have been so far.  You get driven around for an hour being fed fruit from the research orchard.

Rambutan - a relative of the lychee. Tastes sweet and has a large pip.

The tour guide loved shots like this. By the way, it takes a pineapple a year to grow.

Pualasan - similar to the rambutan, but sweeter.

Half way through you stop for a buffet to eat as much fruit as you like.

A pomelo, the largest citrus fruit. Tastes like a grapefruit.

Photo, photo!


Texture a bit like a banana, and flavour sort of like passionfruit, but not.

Jackfruit. You don't get to eat them, just pose. They're the world's bigest fruit.

From here it was through another rural idyll


to the Kilim Geopark (as declared by UNESCO).  You can take a boat around the mangroves to a cave filled with bats.

Take a torch

See the diagonal stalactite

Something to do with bacteria seeking the sun

Go to the fish farm at pat a stingray

The fish farm is quite random – they have 1.5m square nets holding an odd assortment of fish – moray eels, tiger snail shellfish, crabs, and trevally.

Then it’s on to the main attraction – eagle feeding!

You get quite close and watch for about 10min

From here I went back to Cenang Beach to sit and read my book, as I had been planning to do since last year.  Even if it was cloudy!

It was still as warm as Auckland in March. The water was pleasant, but only a small area was available for swimming due to it being filled with fizz boats towing parasailers.

After relaxing on my sun lounger I went to the gym.

For dinner it was back to Tomato.

Thosai - a thin pancake cooked on one side only

Tandoori chicken. If you don't have lime with your chicken you must try it.

On the way back I spotted this

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