Langkawi Day 1

A huge thunderstorm woke me at about 5am – forked lightning, theatrically rumbling thunder, and the noise of the rain trying to destroy the roof.  So when I emerged at 8 it was wet and still cloudy.  I thought about renting a bicycle but a good one was RM30/day, and a scooter was RM18.

Note the helmet brand is NS88, which may be a Chinese good luck thing, but is also a Neo-Nazi code for Heil Hitler. Hmm.

I went to the Agro Park and it was SHUT.  Then I went to the book village and it has SHUT DOWN.  Dammit.  But the park around it is very nice – seems like a spot favoured by the locals for picnics.  The river is clean and has been dammed to provide swimming spots.

From here you can also climb the 4,200 steps to the top of the hill. I did not.

I rode on to the craft complex which was open.  It has some stalls selling batik art, handcrafts, and souvenirs.  Of course there are the usual lacklustre museums.  But I did like this in the museum of ethnic wedding dress:

Muslim Malay brides wear HORNS! How cool is that?

I drove around.  Langkawi is actually mostly rural.

But if you want concrete tourist spots (in both senses) then they have them in Kuah township.

A 10m high eagle. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Kuah has some Western shops, but is mostly Malaysian-style:

From here I rode around to the cable car, which starts at Oriental Village:

Tourist trap!

But since it was cloudy at the top (they helpfully have a report at the bottom reporting on visibility) I decided not to go up.

For dinner I went to Tomato, which is about 1km south of the cluster of backpacker hostels, and had the ‘put something on your plate from the bain marie and we’ll decide how much to charge you’ special (RM6)

The soy sauce beef was good, but the curry was painfully hot.

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