KL to Cameron Highlands

The bus stations in Malaysia are great – very like airports, except you can turn up 10min before your bus leaves.  I was told by the tourism information centre that the bus to Cameron Highlands left at 9.30 but it was a LIE.  It left at 9.00.  Which I found out at 9.15.  Dang.  Anyway the station was air conditioned so I could read in comfort while waiting for the 10.30 bus (RM35).

The bus was nearly full with tourists, but had plenty of legroom.  However I had water leaking out of the light socket above my head?!?  There were enough spare seats that I could shift, fortunately.  The bus stops at some random place for lunch.  However all the food is awful.  Pack something or eat fried balls of stale fat.  One stall was serving hamburgers, made by melting a tablespoon of margarine in to the patty.  If you are prone to motion sickness don’t have any lunch because the road becomes quite winding on the ascent.  You can’t really sleep because the driver will be tooting his quadruple air horns the whole way up too – to warn people around blind corners, to tell people to move over, and to say hello.

I arrived at about 2.30.  Immediately I noticed that it wasn’t humid and the temperature was reasonable!  Like a perfect spring day – cool, but you don’t need a jacket.  I checked in to the Twin Pines Chalet.

To find it look for

Evidently it’s been there quite a while.  I took a single attic room for RM15/night.  It was clean-ish.


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