Cameron Highlands Day 1

I had scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I don’t know how they do it here but it’s not the same – good, but it seems like it has cheese in it?  If it does then cheese in scrambled eggs is a good idea.

I took a tour from some Chinese man in a stall.  All the companies do the same basic tour for RM25.  I was in a group with a French family all wearing cotton scarves tied stylishly about their necks.  They looked like Algerian colonists from 1927.  The first stop was overlooking the tea plantation, where 5 other groups were.

1200ha like this

We moved on to the factory itself, which is very small considering it processes 4000 tonnes a day or some other such huge amount.  The tour takes about 5 min.

Crushing the semi-dried leaves. The machine is from 1935.

Drying the leaves

If you are a tea connoiseur this stuff is about as strong as lapsang souchong.  If you have too much money you can sit in the tearooms eating scones for RM7.

We moved on to the honey bee farm.  Is something wrong with the word apiary?  But when I saw it I thought that it didn’t really qualify as one.  The hives are funny little boxes and there are all these giant concrete bees everywhere!

And no plucking!

If you want you can buy honeycomb here.  It’s more expensive than NZ.  I had a bit, but it didn’t taste that nice.

From there it was on to the next tourist trap

A strawberry farm

There are a lot of strawberry farms in the highlands, all hydroponic.  You can pick your own at a few, but this one had 2 rows open to view before sending you off to the Shop.  The milkshakes and jam, however, are very good.  The fresh strawberries are a bit of a letdown – having been grown hydroponically seems to make them bland.

After this we went to a rose garden.  This had an entry fee of RM4.  It’s a bit like a garden centre that happened to be built somewhere with a good view, so they decided to charge for entry and forget the plant selling.

Not that many exotic plants

It’s all built on a hill, which is a bit of a climb, but has a view of a large area.

Strawberry farm on the right

You can see all the development. Vegetable and flower growing are major industries

The garden also has a large number of bizarre concrete statues.  The shoe for the Old Woman who lives in one?  Snow White and the dwarves?

What is wrong with Aries?


From here the tour went to the Chinese Buddhist temple at the request of the French.  I was not bothered either way but  am over temples.

Another one

But it did have a good view of Tanah Rata, the town I was staying in.

You can’t see the addiction to mock Tudor architecture from this angle.  A mock Tudor ‘inn’ appeared in the 1940s, and the theme has caught on to a significant degree in the area.

The tour ended about 1.30, so I had a lunch of lamb naan for RM6

I messed about all afternoon not doing anything particularly, then went for a run!  There are footpaths here – not often seen in Malaysia.  So you can run, unfettered, to the next town, 5km away.  If you go in the other direction for 10km there is a fitness trail, but Tanah Rata has a large playground so I used that instead.

For dinner I had THE BANANA LEAF SPECIAL for RM8

At one of the Indian places on the main road


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