Malacca to KL

Lonely Planet is like the Haynes workshop manuals – LIES!  Malacca is not ‘laid back’ – it goes at a billion miles an hour and will overtake up the inside if you go too slowly.  I decided to move on to Kuala Lumpur.  Malaysia’s bus system has a huge amount of competition so an air conditioned bus to KL costs RM10 ($5, or the same as a bus from Britomart to Glenfield).  Given the choice available I decided to go for the one being advertised by a man with no arms.

I arrived at the new KL bus terminal about 2 hours later.  This is new and wasn’t in my Lonely Planet, so i had no idea where I was.  However it is next to a train station so I caught a very crammed train in to the city centre.  If you go to KL Sentral station it’s a bit south of town Kuala Lumpur station puts you out near the central post office, in this magnificent building:


The administration building across the street is just as good:

Influenced by Goth AND Gothic architecture!

From here I had to fight my way across the river

Smells worse than it looks

There are a few crossings but it wasn’t easy to find from the train station.  Look for the big white latticework high-rise (the post office).  There are some overbridges near there, which put you out at the Central Market.  If you want a place to buy tourist tat go there.  I went to Chinatown to look for an internet cafe (‘plentiful’ according to Lonely Planet – HA!).  The best place to look for cheap accommodation is Jln Sultan.

There are 2 internet places here and 3 backpacker hostels

I spent my first night at the Grocer’s Inn – RM15/night for a fan dorm.  It had a window! The first one I’ve had!

A view!

And it let all the street noise in!  And it was cramped!  Don’t stay there!


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