KL Day 3

I decided to go through all the museums.  They are helpfully clustered around the Lake Gardens area.  On the way I saw the National Mosque.

Then I went to the Islamic Arts Museum.  Entry was RM12.  It was large, covering architecture, calligraphy, pottery, metalwork, glasswork, science, korans, dress

Uzbekh female headdress


and other stuff

An Indian horsehair fly whisk

The tone is quite laudatory and by the end I was thinking ‘Westminster Abbey isn’t half bad either you know!’

From here I died in the heat walking the 400m to the police museum.

Armoured train from the Malayan Emergency

Entry is free and it’s worth a look, although it does have the Malayan tendency for large, wordy panels and a big mannequin section.  However if you are at all interested in policing or the Malayan Emergency there is a lot of good info.  And if you’re like me then the armoury alone is worth the visit:

Arms captured from the commies. They had several racks of home made and captured weapons, including flintlock pistols!

Commie smashing gear

They have some rarer pieces, like the AR-10 and even an AR-8.  But the most drool worthy are:

L1A1 and No. 4 Mk.1 (T)

L1A1 and No. 4 Mk.1 (T)

I got told off for taking this picture and scurried away.  From here I passed the KL Bird Park as it was a billion degrees and I could see the park was full of tired families with whining children.  I instead had a brief look at the Tun Abdul Razak memorial thing, in the grounds of his old house.  One display caught my eye:

The ACTUAL golf cart he used to PLAY GOLF!

On the way north I also saw a small museum devoted to the Public Service. Why not?  It was small and had a lizard in it.  I kept walking, to

the National Monument

As far as founding legends go it’s pretty good.  The sculpture is surrounded by a large pool with fountain jets, and has a small collonade with all the corps badges of the units that participated in the Emergency.  But the sculpture itself is magnificent – 10 m high bronze, made by an American in 1966.  So it pulls no punches.  Note the manly use of the Bren gun and way the dead communist terrorists are being trampled.  It was surrounded by people having their photos taken.  Across for this is the Cenotaph.

Note the extra dates

From here I went in to the Lake Gardens.  These are quite large and the only place in town you can run without being run over.  To get there from Chinatown you do have to do the equivalent of crossing several motorways so if you want to pop out for an evening run take a taxi!  There’s a small fitness trail near the entry to the Orchid Garden/National Theater, just below the Public Service Museum.  It doesn’t have a chin-up bar but does have a foot reflexology section.  The gardens have a lot in them.  Here are some pretty flowers:

I hope you like them because it was HOTTER THAN THE SURFACE OF THE SUN taking these pictures.  I returned to Chinatown and had dinner.

Geddit on a stick!

There are a lot of these ‘ball-on-stick’ merchants and the quality is VARIABLE.  This one cost RM9.50 for 3 sticks but was quite good.

Fish and pork balls, and lamb pieces. The cups have different sauces. The central pool is a 'steamboat' for boiling food, a bit like a fondue

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