350 action – Auckland



There were a couple of actions on the Shore but I wanted to go to the main events in Auckland – that meant crossing the harbour with my bike.  I was running late so I had to catch the ferry ($5.50!!!) to Britomart.  Here people were forming up in to a giant 350 with bicycles.

Organised by anarchists.

Organised by anarchists.

Meanwhile I had to fend off people handing out Socialist Worker propaganda.  Eventually the 350 was made and the column set off around town.  Most of the organisers were American or Canadian.

tn_IMG_2977The route looped around Queen St then on to the cycle path through the Viaduct, up to Jervois Rd, along Ponsonby Rd and K Rd then up Symonds St to Mt Eden.  The average speed was 9km/h.

tn_IMG_2979tn_IMG_2983tn_IMG_2984Even with 500+ cyclists and stopping traffic throughout the CBD for more than an hour it rated about 2 seconds on the news.  But a motorcycle protest in Nelson rated 1 min 45.  It’s an uphill battle.

At Mt Eden the cyclists linked up with the Maunga action group making noise for lowering CO2.

tn_IMG_2987This fared a bit better and made a few minutes on TV.  After this there was a big gathering but I had to start cycling back home, since the last ferry had left Auckland at 4 pm, meaning I had to take the 35km Greenhithe route.

One day I’ll cycle over that bridge . . .


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