After the inorganic collection I was doing rather well for outdoor furniture – score = 1 table, 5 chairs and only one chair I had to put back.  This cpould mean only one thing – everyone ’round to my deck!

On my new outdoor suite
On my new outdoor suite

 The centrepice was something I saw at someone (much richer)’s end of year thing.  Their one had Fererro Rocher, hazelnut pralines, gold nuggets, diamonds, etc.  I had a pack of marshmallows, some Warehouse Chocs (25% off!) and some Fererro Roche someone left at my house.  The actual constructions was  . . . interesting, and involved a lot of swearing, to say the least.  Make sure people eat evenly around it or it will fall over.

You “Oh, Ms So-and-so, do have a chocolate!”

Mrs So-and-so “Why thankyou!”

You “NOT THAT $^&%! ONE!”

This time I tried fondue, simply because I have been fixated with the idea since age 5 after reading an Asterix comic.  It doesn’t work so well for a nibbles thing but was good for retro shock value.

I made meatballs, again, after someone requested them, and once again hardly anyone ate them.  They never seem to pull well at a sit-down nibbles thing.

The two big hits were the salmon pastries and garlic bread.  Garlic bread is a given.  Does anyone not like it?  How can you go wrong with butter and cheese?  The salmon pastries have the same principles – cream cheese and salmon are never turned down.  They’re quite easy to make – blind bake puff pastry in mini-muffin cups.  Make a filling of cream cheese, a bit of lemon juice, a tin of salmon, and some herbs – I used parsley.  Put the fillin in the cups and that’s it!  These were hoovered up – everyone had about 5.

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